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Struninn for Twitch

Register Application

Twitch requires that you register an application in order to be able to make requests to their resources (Twitch applications have rate limits).

After completing this process, you will get a Client ID and Client Secret, that are required for the plugin to work.

Getting your Credentials

In order to get your credentials you need to:

Register Application

  • Enter your application name, under OAuth Redirect URLs enter http://localhost and under Category select Website Integration. Click Create.
  • That’s it!, your app is registered.

Get Client ID and Client Secret

  • Go to
  • Find the app you created on the list and click on Manage, your Client ID will be shown there along with a button to generate your Client Secret, click it to get your Client Secret.
  • That’s it!, save both your Client ID and your Client Secret, you will need them.