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Struninn for YouTube


The Struninn for YouTube – Subscribers Live Count plugin allows you to easily display your YouTube channel subscriber count!.

You can show your YouTube channel subscriber count by using any of the following options:

  • Template Functions (Developer knowledge required)
  • WordPress Shortcodes (Shortcode API)
  • Elementor Widgets (Elementor plugin required)

Template Functions

The plugin provides a function for each widget template that you can use to get its HTML and can modify its output via the respective function arguments. Please check the Template Functions page for more details.

WordPress Shortcodes

You can use shortcodes to display the widgets in WordPress posts and pages. Please check the WordPress Shortcodes page for more details.

Elementor Widgets

All widgets included in the plugin can be inserted via Elementor Widgets in your Elementor pages. Please check the Elementor Widgets page for more details.

In order to be able to display your channel subscriber count, you will need to create a YouTube Application, please check the Setup page for more details.