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Struninn – Elementor Widgets





Feed and Playlist Slider Plugin


Widget Features

Connect your Account

Connect your YouTube account and the plugin will automatically grab all the info for you!

Easy to Use/Install

As an Elementor widget, this is really easy to install and use! Once installed the widgets will appear on the Elementor editor. After that, just drag them and start customizing!

WordPress Shortcodes

You can use shortcodes to display the widgets in WordPress posts and pages. Please check the WordPress Shortcodes page for more details.

YouTube Videos

You can use the channel videos widget to display your channel videos, customization options include grid or slider templates, displaying videos from a playlist, order and amount of videos!.

YouTube Playlists

You can use the channel playlists slider widget to display your channel playlists, customization options include amount of playlists, slides per view, space between slides and autoplay!.

YouTube API

YouTube requires that you register an application in order to be able to make requests to their resources (YouTube applications have quota limits).

Channel Video Feed

Channel Video Slider

Channel Playlist Slider