Emerald Dragon
Digital Multipurpose

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The most complete digital shopping template, including pages for online goods, products and services, blog, forum, author dahsboard, an incredible gamification system with custom badges and much more!!

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HTML5 Template

We use HTML5 tags, where appropriate, and valid HTML in all the template pages to allow your pages to be better understood by search engines and achieve better positioning (SEO).


Custom Plugins

Includes custom plugins made by us to provide template specific functionality that third party plugins don't offer. Every plugin has a corresponding documentation section that explains how to use it and all the plugin customization options available.


PSD Files Included!

All the PSD files the template is based on are included in the package for free. You can use them to further customize the template to fit your own needs.


Free Fonts & Icons

We make use of free fonts and icons to allow you to easily customize the appearance of your template by selecting from a vast array of publicly available fonts and icons.


Fully Responsive

The template is fully responsive, this means that all your pages will display correctly on different resolutions like mobile, tablet and desktop.


Well Documented

Includes a documentation file that tells you everything you need to know about the template, how to install it, how to customize it, the directory structure of the package, included custom plugins APIs and more!.


Illustrations Included!

Custom made illustration for this template are included in the package for free!.


About the Item

Online Marketplace Template for Digital Goods and Services!

We carefully created this item to give you all you may need to build your online marketplace. From shop pages with a wide variety of options (columns, grid and list, different item versions) to fully complete product pages.

All this with attention to detail to create the best experience. For example, in the product pages you'll find a comments tab divided in three: Comments (for pre-purchase questions), Buyers Corner (for buyers to post support questions) and FAQs (so you can easily post answers, or tips for potential buyers). This way, people who browse your site can easily find what they are loking for. Check the live preview for more!


A Wide Variety of Options and Versions

We designed the template to give you lots of options for all your needs, that's why we included several options and versions for the elements and pages included. You'll find, among others, 2 main item versions for online goods, one page for services and other for physical products with an auction option.

We also included another version for the author's reputation box, 4 item versions layouts, three and four column shops (with grid and list options), two different inbox pages, login and register popups, menu and dropdowns, profile badges boxes layouts, alerts and notifications and lots of different stats boxes.


Gamification System with Illustration Badges Included!

We created a series of badges for both authors and buyers such us author levels, competition winners, people followed, and much more. All badges, big and small versions are included in pack!

The shields and elements inside of them were all designed for this template. The badges in the PSD Files are made with PS vectors, which means they are fully customizable! There’s a total of 28 author community badges (56 counting small the versions). We are also including 206 flag shields of soveraign territories, including both big and small versions! (totals to 412 flag shield badges).


Author and Buyers Dashboard Pages

We included in this design main dashboard pages! Here you’ll find, among others, account settings, notifications, inbox and messages, sales statement, downloads, upload page, buy credits and much more to complete your marketplace and give authors and buyers all the tools they need!

We designed specific pages to help both authors and buyers manage their account settings, notifications, sales, purchases, credits, uploads, messages, account statistics, withdrawals and items.


Bonus Content!: Alerts & Notifications Boxes + Code Generator

Included in the template a new page with alerts and notifications boxes and a promo banner popup! Use them to easily communicate things to all the community.

We also designed a page with a code generator that lets you easily create new customized alerts and preview them instantly. You can also get the final code you need to use them, just copy the generated code and use it dynamically on your site. You can find it in the "Alerts and Notifications" link in the "Features" dropdown. Have fun trying it out! Check the template documentation for more details.