Easily Add Video Testimonials to your Theme Using Elementor!

Growing your customer base with real people testimonials!

Have you ever been on a site where they showcase text reviews paired with some stock-looking avatars? If you have, then you'd know that these things doesn't inspire much trust, and most people even overlook them as it's a really generic part of the website. Instead, you should add video testimonials, which greatly increases the trust level of potential customers by putting a friendly face to those old text reviews.

To gather video reviews, we’ll be using a software called Testimonial that allows you to collect video testimonials from your customers with just a few steps, and doesn’t even require for you to know how to code or have any type of video hosting. You can create a free account here!.

Creating your “Wall of Love”


Testimonial let’s you create your own “Wall of Love” (as they call it) to easily showcase all the video testimonials you collected from your customers, plus Youtube videos, Twitter testimonials and more! You can see their Wall of Love in action here. You can also see live examples of real business already using it, like LashFridays or Yotta.

Now that you are familiar with it, let’s start building your own! Once you have created your account, go to your dashboard, and click “Create a new space”. You’ll get a unique link to share with your customers for them to record their videos and they will appear on your dashboard. Here you’ll also be able to add things like tweets, Youtube and Vimeo videos, and more to beef up your wall! Remember to click the “hearts” on the top right corner of the, for example tweets, to add the to your wall.


Once you’re happy with your wall, click the “Wall of love grid” link on the left sidebar, under “Embeds” and a popup will open. Choose the options you want, like the size of the cards, and others, and click the “Copy Code” button. Now you’re ready to add it to your theme!

Add it to your WordPress theme!

If you want to add it to your theme, you can easily do it via Elementor’s HTML Widget, that lets you embed the code you got from your Wall of Love.

Just go to the theme’s page where you want to insert the testimonials or create a new one and click Edit with Elementor (if you are not familiar with the plugin and wanna learn more about Elementor and how to use it, check out the Elementor guides). In this example, we’re adding it in the space below the recent news block of the Phlox theme.


Once you’re inside the page or section you want to add it to, go to the side Elementor panel, and on the search bar write, “html”, this will bring up two widget boxes, you’ll need to use the “HTML Code” one.

Drag that widget to the space you wanna insert your Wall of Love and paste your Testimonial embed code inside the HTML Code box, in the “Content” tab. Your wall will instantly appear in the theme!


That’s it! Just click the “Update” green button and go back to your theme, you’ll now see your wall inserted into your theme!


We hope that you find this tutorial useful and this helps you bring more customers to your project thus creating lasting relations with them! Remember that registering to Testimonial and building your wall is totally free! And if you decide to support them subcribing to the pro features, you can click the referral button below to have 15% off for the first year!

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