Create Messages &
Media Boxes

Easily create messages or media boxes to add to your theme. Let people know about new products, updates, featured videos, upcoming items and much more!

Easy to Reach

Unlike popups this messages are always at hand! The user can open or hide the messages at any time, that way they won’t miss any notifications or accidentaly close them.

Fully Customizable

With the Alerts Builder it’s really easy to edit the boxes elements! From position and colors, to animations, sizes and content.


Select an Alert
Template to Start!

Click the "Add Alert" icon and select a template to start customizing! And don't worry, you can keep adding templates later!


Fully Customize your
Alerts & Settings

Customize the existing templates, or keep adding more! You can change fonts, texts, colors, images, icons, positions and much more!


When you're Ready
Activate the Group!

After saving the group, go to the "My Profiles" section of the builder and activate it! The Alerts will instantly show in your theme!