Easily Share your
Social Content

With Asgard, you’ll be able to create alerts from different social networks to let visitor know what you are up to, or simply have a like/follow box!

+ Followers!!

Quickly show people featured content, let them know upcoming events or videos, give them messages, or just have a subscriber live counter always at hand!

Easy to Edit

With the Alerts Builder it’s really easy to edit the alerts elements! From position and colors, to animations,
sizes and content.

40+ Custom
Alert Templates

We designed custom alerts for each network having in mind what each one may need. For example, for Twitter we made a follow box and a tweets feed. For Instagram we included a live followers counter and a feed box. And for Twitch, we included a stream box and match results for eSports games.

If you have a suggestion for new ones, just leave us a comment!

Check the 40+ Templates!


Select a Social Media
& Template to Start!

Click the “Add Alert” icon, select a social network and a template to start customizing! And don’t worry, you can keep adding templates later!


Fully Customize your
Alerts & Settings

Customize the existing templates, or keep adding more! You can change fonts, texts, colors, images, icons, positions and much more!


When you’re Ready
Activate the Group!

After saving the group, go to the "My Profiles" section of the builder and activate it! The Alerts will instantly show in your theme!